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Called to a Driver Conduct Hearing?

Our transport lawyers specialise in representing professional truck and bus drivers at Driver Conduct Hearings before the Traffic Commissioner. We offer a nationwide service, representing drivers in every Traffic Area.

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What is a Driver Conduct Hearing?

If you hold a vocational drivers licence, you are regulated by the Office of the Traffic Commissioner. If the Traffic Commissioner has concerns over your conduct, they can call you to a driver conduct hearing to investigate and take action if required.

The Traffic Commissioner can:

  • Revoke your licence
  • Suspend your licence
  • Issue you with a warning

A driver conduct hearing is similar to a court hearing. The Traffic Commissioner will want to question you about the allegations and about what you have done to remedy them.

Sometimes a driver conduct hearing is held at the same time as a Public Inquiry into an operator licence holder. This can sometimes place drivers in a difficult position, particularly if the operator is their employer. Drivers in this position should always seek legal advice.


Why Have I Been Called In?

There are many reasons you may have been called to your driver conduct hearing. Typical reasons include:

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How We Can Help

Given the risks posed to their licence and livelihood, many drivers choose to have an expert road transport lawyer represent them at their conduct hearing.

For a single fixed fee our transport lawyers can:

  • Take your instructions
  • Consider the evidence against you
  • Advise you on the sentencing guidelines
  • Advise on the steps you can take to best prepare for your hearing
  • Contact the Office of the Traffic Commissioner on your behalf
  • Prepare written submissions (if appropriate)
  • Represent you at your conduct hearing to get you the best result possible

At Smith Bowyer Clarke Road Transport Lawyers our team of dedicated barristers and solicitors regularly represent drivers at conduct hearings across England, Scotland and Wales. Between them our team has years of experience in road transport law and many of our lawyers have acquired their Transport Manager CPC qualifications. Speak to one of our transport lawyers today for a free initial consultation.

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