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Missing Truck or Driver?

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When something unexpected happens to one of your trucks in the UK, you need an urgent response and urgent answers. Our road transport lawyers provide a 24/7, nationwide service, locating and reclaiming vehicles that run into problems in the UK. In an emergency we can even arrange for security for the truck and its load, and a driver to collect the truck and deliver it for you.

Has Your Truck Stopped Moving?

We can quickly send a specialist to investigate and, if necessary, guard. Load theft is an increasing problem in the UK and an unattended or insecure load is a load at risk.

Is Your Truck Missing or Seized?

If missing, using our contacts within the various UK authorities we can make urgent enquiries to try to locate it. We can also carry out our own immediate investigations, using experienced investigators, to trace the vehicle.

If seized by the UK authorities, we will seek to discover the reason for the seizure. Our lawyers will then press for the immediate return of the vehicle and the release of the load. Again we can arrange for a driver to collect the truck and deliver it for you.

Has One of Your Drivers Gone Missing?

Occasionally, and for innumerable reasons, drivers go missing. They may have got fed up with the job and walked away, they may have been arrested, and in the worst case, they may simply have passed away in their sleeper cab. We can make urgent, nationwide enquiries to locate a driver who is missing, or just not responding.

If your driver has been arrested, we can arrange for a lawyer to represent him at the police station and before the courts. We can also guard or recover the vehicle and arrange for emergency driver cover.

Reporting Back

Our investigations are fast-moving and detailed. We will keep you updated on all developments as our investigations progress.  If the UK authorities are refusing to release a truck or a driver, our lawyers can often secure that release, or can advise on what we can do to challenge the refusal in the courts.

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