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Taxi and Private Hire Vehicles – Licensing and Appeals

If you are involved with taxis as a proprietor, operator or driver you will know how heavily regulated the industry is and how wide are the powers of the Taxi Licencing Authorities.  These powers are strictly applied in order to ensure public safety and fair competition but sometimes unfairness results and operators, proprietors or drivers have their licences revoked or suspended, often with catastrophic effects on their livelihoods.


Sometimes draconian conditions can be placed on a licence making its operation unsustainable. Expert help at the earliest possible stage can often make the difference between keeping your licence or avoiding conditions, and the loss or restriction of your licence. Often a case can be dealt with by negotiation with the licencing authorities; on other occasions an appeal against a decision might be the answer.


If you are notified of a problem, or your licence is restricted by conditions, suspended or revoked, you will need to act quickly and decisively. Strict time limits apply – usually only 21 days from the decision –  serious consequences may apply if your appeal falls outside the time limit.


Here at SBC we can help deal with:

  • Advice on all Hackney and Private Hire problems.
  • Written representations to licensing authorities.
  • Hearings before committees or sub-committees.
  • Appeals against decisions to revoke or refuse licences, to the Magistrates’ Court.
  • Appeals to the Crown Court.

In addition, our highly specialist team of expert barristers and solicitors have many years of experience in High Court appeals, both with Case Stated and Judicial Review.


Stretch Limousines, Minibuses and Novelty Vehicles

In cases involving stretch limousines, minibuses and novelty vehicles, we can advise on whether a PSV licence is required, what type of licence may be needed and how to deal with the local authorities, Office of the Traffic Commissioner and the DVSA. We are also able to assist with all types of new licence applications, renewals and reviews.

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