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Traffic Commissioner Public Inquiry

Called to a Traffic Commissioner’s Public Inquiry?

Our Transport Lawyers specialise in defending Operators, Directors and Transport Managers called in to Public Inquiry with the Traffic Commissioner.

Our nationwide team of solicitors and barristers have a proven track record acting for HGV and PSV businesses across the UK.

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What is a Public Inquiry?

A Public Inquiry is a type of disciplinary hearing held by the Traffic Commissioner. There are three main reasons you can find yourself at Public Inquiry:

1)  You are an existing operator licence holder or transport manager and there are suspicions that you are not managing your licence properly

2)  You have applied for an operator’s licence but there are concerns with you or your application.

3)  Local residents have complained about your operating centre


What Happens in Public Inquiry?

The Traffic Commissioner will question you directly, and you will be expected to explain any compliance failings that have come to light.

They will also examine all of your transport records. They will want to check for example, whether:

  • Preventative Maintenance Inspections are taking place on time
  • Drivers’ hours offences are arising
  • Daily defect reports are being completed
  • You have the necessary financial standing
  • You have been dishonest with the Office of the Traffic Commissioner or DVSA / VOSA
  • You have proper maintenance contracts in place.

The Traffic Commissioner will then decide what action to take against your licence.

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What is the Worst that Can Happen?

The Traffic Commissioner has very wide powers. He or she can:

  • Revoke your licence
  • Refuse to grant any application for a licence
  • Cut the number of vehicles you can operate
  • Suspend your licence
  • Require you to agree to restrictive licence conditions
  • Disqualify you from being an operator now or in the future
  • Decide that you are no longer of good repute

Given the risks involved, you should always seek legal representation from a specialist Public Inquiry lawyer.


Why Have I Been Called In?

There are many reasons operators and transport managers get called in to Public Inquiry. Examples include:

  • Vehicles not being properly maintained
  • Tachograph infringements and offences (for example card-pulling)
  • Proper records not being kept
  • Lack of financial standing
  • Convictions for criminal offences
  • Operating from an unauthorised operating centre
  • No longer being of good repute

Whatever the reason, the Traffic Commissioner will expect you to account for any failings and explain what has been done to fix them.


Get Expert Legal Help

Our nationwide team of solicitors and barristers all specialise in representing operators at Public Inquiry. We regularly appear before the Traffic Commissioners at all eight regional offices:

  • Eastbourne
  • Bristol
  • Birmingham
  • Cambridge
  • Cardiff
  • Warrington
  • Leeds
  • Edinburgh


What Do We Do?

Once instructed we can:

  • Meet with you to review the evidence and to take your instructions
  • Ensure that you have proper compliance systems in place prior to the Inquiry
  • Guide you through the process and identify what steps you need to take to ensure that on the day the strongest possible arguments can be put forwards
  • Represent you at your Public Inquiry hearing to present your evidence and put forward legal arguments on your behalf.


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